Our Story

Caffè Roma

Discover the finest ground Italian espresso.
In the modern age of artisanal coffees and glossy-end machinery, it’s easy to get lost when thinking of the word “caffè”. The aroma of freshly brewed Italian slow roasted espresso and the velvety feel of an attractive ambiance can flood the mind, but here at Caffe Roma culture is more than just a simple pit stop for our daily cup of coffee.
Since 1979 Caffe Roma believes in selecting the highest-quality coffee beans, while continuing the importance of selection in favor of providing the best coffee in town. Our focus remains in preparing the best espresso, we also promote the high importance in maintaining a social sphere and, continuing the tradition of being an establishment served as retreat to foster community and encourage new friendships.

Drop by our cozy caffè and try our delicious pastries and exceptional coffee.

  • Buy a cup of coffee from Caffè Roma – Spending time at our attractive ambiance is absolutely free!
  • We are happy to serve you with perfection.
  • Enjoying a cup of coffee in a comfortable place makes everyone happy.
  • The aroma of our coffee has the power to attract you every time.




Every good story starts with a coffee.